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Igorek worked very competently: jumping behind the blue Zaporozhets, which had been laid up for a long time, he opened fire on the Volks. Due to the awkward position of the bullet, he went high, but one still slammed into the windshield

Meanwhile, the white "eight" stopped, blocking the exit from the yard. Two guys jumped out of it. One ran along the house, hiding behind the ledges of the entrances, and the other ran around the yard, hiding behind the cars standing there. Both had pistols in their hands.

The driver of the Volkswagen, assessing the bad prospects of his sortie, backed up and, almost without slowing down, taxied out of the yard onto the roadway.

I jumped up and looked after him, but I didn’t see the number.

Quietly swearing, Igorek got up from behind the Zaporozhets and began dusting off his trousers.



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